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Pre-School Career Guide

Having a career in the pre-school field usually revolves around becoming a pre-school teacher. There are other jobs such as a cook, administrator, front office coordinator and more.

Preschool teachers are an asset to the learning experience. They provide a starting point for children to become good students when they enter school. They reinforce the basic structural of a well behaved person as well as teach them concepts such as the ABS�s, 123�s and simple math. Preschool teachers also help acclimate the child to a social environment by interacting with other students and teachers.

The administrator makes sure that all teachers and classrooms are in compliance. They act as the manager when the owner is not present. They design lessons for the children as well as monitor safety and performance of all staff.

The front office coordinator is available to answer phone calls, take care of parents or potential attendees. They also collect tuition and deal with daily account balancing. They are the people who process paperwork and make sure files are organized.

Education Required

Education required to be a preschool teacher is usually a high school diploma. Even though there are people that have attained a degree working at pre schools, it is not usually a requirement. However, those who have a degree will typically make more in salary.

If a degree is required by a public preschool, it will be a early childhood education degree of either and associates degree or a bachelors degree. More often than not, the requirement is a 2- year associate�s degree.

Becoming a preschool teacher requires patience, dedication and personality. Children are great judges of character and if you do not like what you do, they will be able to tell. It could be the best job for you or the worst, as pre-school careers are not for everyone.
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