Hanukkah Party Planning

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Hanukkah Party Planning Hanukkah Party Planning Hanukkah Party Planning

Hanukkah Party Planning spinning the Dreidel is a game of chance often played during Hanukkah, while eating potato latkes and sour cream. To play, ask party attendees to bring many small items of little value (such as pennies or chocolate coins), then spin the Dreidel to determine what happens with the loot: N (nun) - get nothing, G (gimel) - get all of the 'money', H (he) - get half of 'money', s (shin) - put half of your 'money' on the table.  Be organized at your Hanukkah party so you can relax and enjoy the celebration too.  That truly is the key to success - plan ahead!  Do not plan on any trips to the market on the day of the party. Don't be afraid to ask the guests to bring something. Plan ahead:
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